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Make 100% SECURE Deposit direct from the App just by a pop. We simplify the processes.Just keyin your password to fund your account.

Earn upto 1k per day.

Concetrate on 3 Refferals to make more than 1k in a day. Your amount is withdrawn instant on your request.

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Request for any withdrawal and we are ready to process it in a spun of a second.

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Keep track of all your investment,earnings and account balances every day, any time, any hour.

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“I usually work online on comfort of my home as a refferal agent.Its the best job they can offer to me since am a  student.Dont forget i do invest too.”

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Access your daily integrated statements through your Investor Account. Be an Active Premium Today.

Frequently asked questions

You only need to have Kes.500 bob in your App Account Balance to activate your Premium Membership.

Short terms investments takes 5-10  working days for it to mature.Always EXCLUDE WEEKENDS and the Day of the Investment.

Only Android users can access Investment Services.The rest will be able to use the service soon.

You can only invest twice as per the Investment contract.

You are only allowed to have/operate one Investment account as per the contract of the investment,but you can operate two accounts from the same App but only one account can be able invest.

The issue must have arised due to your smartphone android Version. Incase such cases arise,kindly switch off your phone or restart your smartphone and try to deposit once more. If you still cant access the pop up,kindly try to log out and login once more. If this all fails to solve your issue,kindly contact your mobile service provider.

If you had tried to top up and cant get the amount refelecting in your app account balance,kindly contact the customer care for your issue to be sorted. An apology for it might take a bit longer for your issue to be sorted direct from your mobile service provider. 

Frequently using the app earns you a loan limit from 500-25000 limit.Although some get approved within 72 hours due to their loan request formality.

The system doesnt not approve loan investment since loan is apart of the interest to be earned by other investors.

If you are found engaging in malicious acts using investment platform,your account will be deactivated for 3 Months awaiting your termination letter through admin or customer care desk which will take 60 Days. At the end of 60 days,your amount will be refunded back as invested without any interest.

Investor app is for all yearning to earn.

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